Researhing the digital. Week 8 || 182MC

Social media ethnography: the digital researcher in a messy web From the title I could tell that the text will be something I am familiar with already because I have learned about ethnography at the beginning of the course so I was interested to deepen my knowledge about it and maybe see ethnography in a […]

Researching the visual. Week 7 || 182MC

Making photographs as a part of a research project: Photo-documentation, photo-elicitation and photo-essays As much as I admire photography, I did not think it was highly used in doing research nonetheless that there are even three main methods such as photo-documentation, photo-elicitation and photo-essays. Before reading I asked myself ‘How can a successful research be […]

Researching people. Week 6 || 182MC

The Great Interview: 25 Strategies for Studying People in Bed First of all, I found the name of the article intriguing because it does not really explain a lot and it is not clear what the article is going to talk about. Before reading I wanted to find out if it is actually going to be […]

Researching space. Week 5 || 182MC

Analysis of ‘Reality’ and Space First of all, when I hear the term ‘Space’, I immediately start thinking about the Moon, planets and rocket ships so I was highly intrigued to find out what ‘Space’ means in the context of research. From the text I found out that this type of research focuses on identifying […]

Researching media discourse. Week 4 || 182MC

Discourse analysis To begin with, I would like to mention that I have never heard of discourse analysis let alone used this method to do research which is weird because according to the text, there are 57 varieties of discourse analysis which left me surprised how I have never got the taste of it. That is […]

Researching culture. Week 3 || 182MC

What is ethnography? Before reading Hammersley and Atkinson’s article I was familiar with ethnography and at least had a clue what that meant so it was interesting to look at it in more depth. Even though the article states that the meaning of ethnography can vary and it is difficult to label it, I would […]

What is research? Week 2 || 182MC

What is research? I do not think there is a student who is not familiar with a term ‘research’. Everybody does this while writing essays of preparing for the exams but after reading the text it made me realise that all of us are familiar with research without even being aware of it. We cannot […]