280MAPA research diary #5

Postdigital emotions According to the dictionary, emotions are ‘strong feelings, deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.’ Most of the time we associate them with living individuals, therefore, it is hard to imagine them being digital/postdigital in any shape or form. However, with the constantly developing technology and devices, we learned how to […]

280MAPA research diary #4

Postdigital Aesthetics In the dictionary, “the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty”  is called aesthetics. I believe that in the past decade, there has been a dramatic change in how people perceive and portray aesthetics and it is mainly the result of constantly evolving digital media technologies. The importance of it grew as well because not only does this generation is […]

280MAPA research diary #3

Postdigital Space I never got a chance to think about the difference between space and place as I thought they imply mainly the same thing but according to a german philosopher Martin Heidegged, space is abstract and place is the awareness of space (space with a meaning)(Collins and Selina 2015). Space can be digital too. With […]

280MAPA research diary #1

Postdigital Body Human existence has always been questioned. People always wanted to figure out the difference between a soul and a spirit, a body and a mind. Back in the 17th century a French philosopher Rene Descartes came up with a mind-body dualism thesis and stated that mind and body are completely distinct and can […]

Evidence of further training

For my second year of university, we all have to focus on the professional field we’re interested in and try to find out about it as much as we can.  Doing that will help us decide if the field is suitable for us and whether we need to experiment and find something else instead. Having […]

Professional Experience Plan:

A Proessional Exprerience/Developement Plan PDP is supposed to help people to set career goals and strategies how to reach them. I decided to write my own PDP in order to evaluate my current professional state and identify the skills that I need in order to achieve my goals and get on the track of success. […]

Skills Audit

For my 201MAPA module we were asked to look at our skills critically and evaluate them. The task: Part 1  The table on the following page provides a list of 12 transferable skills that you may have acquired during your time at university (academic or extra-curricular), while working, or through other experience. For each of […]


When working in creative industries, having a great network is a huge advantage. You can expand your network using LinkedIn or by going around, introducing  yourself and taking to people. That’s what I tried to do during my first semester of second year in university. At the beginning of the second year I made a […]

Placement applications/employer exchanges

One of my modules at university (201MAPA) requires us to find ourselves a placement within the professional field we are interested in. The concept of a placement is really interesting for me and it’s a totally new field as I have never been an intern. Therefore, I had to do a lot of research to […]