Guest speakers

I’ve listened to a few guest speakers that came to my university and I’ll reflect on three people who I found inspirational and relatable.


I listened to Lauren Bromley who now works in the creative industry and is a social media manager in Birmingham. In my eyes, she seemed really genuine, down to earth and even relatable because, as Lauren Bromley mentioned, she wasn’t really sure what she wants to do after university and what direction she wants her career to go which I can apply for myself as well. She pointed out how big creative industry is and that there are opportunities for everyone which I didn’t realize at first as well.

Lauren Bromley was nice enough to emphasize the main skills that will help preparing for the interviews or already at work. The main tips were about being communicative and, as I have expected, hardworking. Something really essential in the creative industry is staying on top on the game and being up to date as well because every company, every employer wants better than others, the first one, the faster one, etc.

After the speech I came to a conclusion that it is okay not to know exactly what you want to become in the future and what path you want to take in terms of jobs. Lauren is the perfect example. If you work hard enough to get to know yourself and if you are not afraid to make stupid mistakes and decisions in life, you will end up where you belong to. You just have to be prepared and ready for anything and everything.


Jonny Fewings was another guest speaker who’s a media consultant with many years of experience. He comes from a sphere that I’m not really familiar with so I was really intrigued find out more about it.

His main topic was money and where to get it from when making a successful film. Jonny Fewings pointed out that the main part of the money is spent on effects, talents, locations, special shots, music.

I loved how casually he was mentioning these huge amounts of money as if it was super casual and easy to get, let’s say, 1,2 or 3 million pounds for movie making.

At the end, I was really happy to see how professional, successful that man was and how he got the chance to work with such famous companies and movies. Even though I am not thinking about making a movie any time soon, he really motivates me to become successful with my career and do what I like to.


Another guest speaker was Abbie Trayler-Smith who has more than 20 years of experience as a documentary and portrait photographer. She seemed like a very knowledgeable person and  I was inspired by how extremely stubborn to achieve her goals she is. As an example, I could mention that she was the first female photographer at The Telegraph.

I admire how she was so personal and made her speech really entertaining by giving examples of her own work experience and sharing her own pictures.

Abbie Trayler-Smith pointed out a couple times how it’s important not to focus on the rejections and make them put you off. It has to be the complete opposite. Rejections have to be like fuel to push you forward to achieving the set goals. In addition to that, she explained how competitive this sphere is and how important it’s to be different and not afraid to experiment and stand out because that is exactly what makes you wanted, or at least noticed and remembered by the employees.

In conclusion, I don’t know if I would like to relate my future with photography but this guest speaker was still really inspiring. The main tip I got from the speech is I need to keep growing some thick skin which will help to deal with rejection and that I have to know what I want and question HOW MUCH I want it and what meaning it has to me in order to never give up.

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Thank you for reading!

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