A100DVA reflection

Reflection on  A100DVA – Visual Presentation Techniques

Visual Presentation techniques was my Add+vantage module that I had to choose from a huge list at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the term I was scared to start it because I didn’t know what to expect as there weren’t enough information about it and a have a mild stage fear. After I’ve finished it, I made a conclusion that it wasn’t as difficult and tricky as I expected. It was really enjoyable and entertaining because the lecturer incorporated a movie screening, a few video watchings and a trip to the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum. We learned the importance of visual communication, the difference typography makes and loads of presentation tips. The final assessment was a 6-minute presentation about anything. Even though I don’t have the grade and the feedback yet because of some moderation issues, right after my presentation I was told that it went really well. It was professional, aesthetically pleasing, well narrated and interesting. Even though my fear kicked in and in a way I got in the shaky body/voice mode, I managed to guide the audience through the presentation perfectly. Overall, I enjoyed the lectures and I believe that I will be able to use the knowledge that I got from this module in the future projects.


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