105MC reflection

Reflection on 105MC – Key Concepts in Media and Communication

This module was, I would say, really complicated and confusing. One of the reasons was that it took me a while to figure out what the module is actually about. What I really liked about were the seminars because the lecturer was constantly engaged with everyone and that Media and Communication students were mixed with journalists, Digital media, Media Productions students as well. This way we got the chance to hear opinions from and work with people from different backgrounds. The assessment was the most stressful one because it was an actual challenge. We had to come up with a media artifact and complete it in 72 hours. Because of the lack of time the was no time for mistakes and every day was important. After the media artefact was submitted, I had to write an individual critical analysis of the media artifact. According to the feedback, I’ve done enough readings to make the essay properly backed up but and then hard work can be clearly seen. Though I needed to focus on the artifact rather than the question/topic I created for myself. I believe I got a little bit lost in the writing process so I didn’t really do what the task told. I should’ve been more specific which made the piece a little bit too generic. The feedback and the grade was not necessarily what I have expected because I spent so much time and put a lot of thought into writing the essay but I believe I should’ve spent more time in the begging breaking the task down and understanding the assignment brief better.



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