181MC reflection

Reflection on 181MC – Contemporary Theories: Media and Cultural Issues in Context

This particular module was interesting because even though I was familiar with the topics chosen for the lectures, lecturers analyzed them in a new way in more depth and with a different perspective. I would call the module quite challenging as well because we had it during the first term which meant everything was still new, we had to get to know the group members in order to work smoothly for the projects, etc. Also, every single week we were asked to produce some sort of artifact which didn’t allow us to slack off.

For half of the assessment, we had to submit the group weekly tasks and from the feedback we got, I can tell that we did pretty well for the first assignment. The best tasks were the ones we did at the beginning but as time passed, every single project became a little bit rushed because, I believe, we got tired and were lacking time which was noticed by the lecturer as well.

Another half of the assignment was an individual essay. I spent quite a bit of time coming up with the main idea and actually writing it but as it is stated in the feedback, I could’ve expanded more on some issues and looked at the main theories more in more depth. Even though I had quite a few suitable references, I couldn’t manage to fully/properly use them. However, the main idea was interesting and it reflected the connections between the module topics



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