180MC reflection

Reflection on 180MC Living in the Digital World – Putting Theory into Practice

This particular module was very interesting. I enjoyed how the lecturer made everyone feel important by letting to express themselves, share ideas for the final project, discuss others’ work and so on. In addition, the assessment was one of the most interesting ones.

We were asked to produce a video essay which allowed us to be as creative as possible and express ourselves in the way we wanted. As for the feedback, we were told that the final video was really successful as well as original and well narrated. The lecturer pointed out that some more research could’ve been done to make the essay properly/strongly backed up and I have to agree to all of the points stated above. Our group was really interested in the topic of the video itself which made the making really enjoyable thus we tried to make it as original, different and entertaining for our audience as possible. The topic itself was a pretty broad one so we tried to narrow it a bit which probably made us slip in terms of the lack of research.

Another half of the assessment (an individual one) was writing reading responses. The feedback pointed out that the writings were clear, direct and well written though it pointed out that I should be more critical and emphasize strong and weak points more. Once again, I agree to the feedback. Some of the texts were a bit difficult to understand and analyze made it complicated for me to come up with strong pros and cons points and I still need to work on my critical thinking/writing.



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