Researching media discourse. Week 4 || 182MC

Discourse analysis To begin with, I would like to mention that I have never heard of discourse analysis let alone used this method to do research which is weird because according to the text, there are 57 varieties of discourse analysis which left me surprised how I have never got the taste of it. That is […]

Reading response. Week 3 ||180MC

Communicating and reaching out to each other has never been easier and it is all thanks to technology and social media. Despite the fact that social media might come across as an innocent platform for expressing our thoughts and sharing our experiences, it actually is known to be a threat for people’s privacy. Constant updating […]

Researching culture. Week 3 || 182MC

What is ethnography? Before reading Hammersley and Atkinson’s article I was familiar with ethnography and at least had a clue what that meant so it was interesting to look at it in more depth. Even though the article states that the meaning of ethnography can vary and it is difficult to label it, I would […]

What is research? Week 2 || 182MC

What is research? I do not think there is a student who is not familiar with a term ‘research’. Everybody does this while writing essays of preparing for the exams but after reading the text it made me realise that all of us are familiar with research without even being aware of it. We cannot […]