Letter to myself. Future

Hello! This blog post is the second part of my last summer task which was to write two letters. One had to be to my past self, which you can check out here, this one happens to be for my future self. Let’s give it a try. Dear Akvile,  I have a feeling that you are happy and successful. […]

Letter to myself. Past

Hey, beautiful reader! I was talking about my summer task in my older post ‘Reflection on the cabinet of curiosities‘. This one is dedicated to another part of my summer task. I had to write a letter that would reflect on my past learning, discussing both my strengths and weaknesses. So, Here goes nothing. Dear Akvile, I hope you are […]

Reflection to the induction task

Hellooo! How are you doing? This post is going to be a reflection on a group project  that 3 course mates and I had to produce during the first week. Check it out here. We were asked to create a media artefact on the theme of “**** in Coventry”. Luckily, the topic was very abstract […]

Reflection on the cabinet of curiosities

Hello, lovely reader. I hope you’re well. Before I even arrived to Coventry and started my studies, I already had to do a couple of summer tasks for my course. Producing a cabinet of curiosities was one of them. Before reading further, check it out here. First of all, this task was very interesting to me because […]

A little bit about ‘AkviWho?’

Hello, my lovely reader. I think my first post should be a tiny introduction, so… Here it goes. I am an 18-year-old Lithuanian girl named Akvilė (no, your eyes aren’t lying, there IS a dot on the ‘e’). I graduated secondary school and got my Maturity Certificate in the summer of 2016. I didn’t want to […]